Cru Blair

Students have many voices competing for their attention. It is not always easy to follow the Lord as a teenager and yet these are some of the most formative years of a person's life. At PassageWay, we want to give students in middle school and high school the chance to know and follow Jesus.


That is why we have partnered with Jake Loftis, a local missionary with Cru, so that we can reach students where they already are, at their campus. Jake's desire is to share the gospel with local students, build them up in their faith, and then equip and send them to their campus as missionaries.

For more information visit his Cru webpage or email him at


The Navigators

Thank you, PassageWay, for your faith and confidence in us. You bless us in your financial support and friendship.  We love that PassageWay will be our "home church" in Blair!


With The Navigators, Matt serves as the Long Term Pathways Director for Navigators World Missions, leading a team that connects candidates with opportunities and shepherds new missionaries through the application process.  Also, as a part of Navigators World Missions' Discipling for Development (D4D) ministry, Matt is committed to discipling Roma pastors in Bulgaria, making 2-3 trips a year with his teammates. Previously he worked with D4D in Uganda and completed an MA in Organizational Leadership at Uganda Christian University in October 2016.

Anna plays a vital role in all aspects of their life's calling. Anna sustains and maintains the homestead while Matt is on his travels, as well as being an informed and invaluable asset to Matt and to the work of D4D.

Our love and passion for D4D comes from this:  Instead of doing things for the poor, Discipling for Development works with the poor, empowering them to address their issues themselves. D4D's mission is to transform communities living in poverty so they can experience healthier living conditions, sufficient food, and economic hope, healed relationships, find their true identity in Christ, and live a restored and active relationship with God (

We call Colorado Springs home, but visit Blair a couple of times a year as Matt’s parents, Kim and Joe Foral, who belong to PassageWay Church, live there.  Please introduce yourselves to us the next time we are in town and we will try to do the same. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you would like to learn more about our ministry and our love and passion for God's people.

For more information visit The Navigators  website or email


The Edgrens

Scott and Kristi Edgren work with Avant Ministries in Ecuador equipping national church leaders for ministry. Scott teaches pastors and church leaders in seminaries and is also doing administrative work for the mission. Kristi is a 6th grade teacher at Alliance Academy, the school where their children attend. The Ecuadorian church is growing and becoming more and more independent. The Edgrens have opportunities to encourage them to send Ecuadorian missionaries to other parts of the world as well.

Cross Training Center

The Cross Training Center

Cross TC in Omaha, NE empowers and equips disadvantaged and under educated youth and adults through spiritual transformation, character development, vocational training and work experience. They serve those who have challenging backgrounds that include homelessness, incarceration, domestic abuse, human trafficking, gang affiliation, emotional trauma and generational poverty. Their Graduates are prepared, ready and equipped to be successful in the work place.


Skills and experience are learned in the following areas but designed in such a way where they are transferable into any industry: Customer Service, Salesmanship, Janitorial Services, Food Services, Office Administration, Computer Skills, Computer Refurbishing, Electronics Recycling, Auto Mechanics, Auto Detailing, Warehousing, Appliance Repair, and Electronics Repair.

For more information, visit the Cross TC website.


Students International

Students International's mission is to bring participants and the poor together cross culturally to encounter God, share the Good News, disciple and serve others in occupational ministries, seeing the students and the poor be transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.  There are long term, ongoing community development locations in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

For more information, visit the Students International website.


Shires Family

The Shires are serving in partnership with GGF and a production ministry that works to bring the gospel to the lost through the power of media and the creative arts. Leveraging the web, satellite television, and relationships, God is moving mightily to bring the saving news of His love to those who would otherwise have no way to hear the Gospel.

Whether it be parenting their eight children, leading Bible studies, participating in music and media ministries, or simply getting to know the people around them, the Shires family believes that they have been called by God to be witnesses and encouragers to the lost and to the global community of believers.

PassageWay Missions

Other Missions

Passageway Church is also excited by partnerships with Kingdom workers working in creative access contexts.