Jesus calls those He ministers to into community and on an adventure that allows them to discover the truth of who He is in a powerful way. Discovery Groups exist to help you ‘talk-out’ God’s truth in community so you can ‘walk-out’ God’s truth in community. These groups are 'open' groups that are meant to multiply, and everyone is welcome!

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Discovery Group DNA

D-Group Values

  • Diversity

We will welcome and celebrate the diversity God brings into our groups by joining with God in loving and including all types of people. These are ‘open’ groups with ‘open’ arms. (James 2:1-8, Rev. 5:7-9)

  • Authenticity

We will value genuineness  and transparency over knowledge, humbly seeking to help one another overcome the gap between our knowledge & our actions to grow Spiritually & live Biblically. (Pr. 27:17, Acts 2:42-47, Gal. 6:1-5)

  • Growth

We will use our groups as an open platform for people to invite their friends to get introduced to Christ, with the goal of creating a new group that will do the same. (Matt. 28:18-20, Acts 5:42, 20:20)

D-Group Flexibility

  • Frequency

Groups will meet a maximum of once a week, or a minimum of once a month. (Heb. 10:24-25)

  • Consistency

Meeting at the same time, same day of the week, and same location each time, promotes reliability for attendance, and growth. (Luke 4:16, Acts 18:4)

  • Location

Groups will meet in the home or venue of their choice (homes are recommended). (Acts 18:7, 19:8-10, Rom. 16:5, Mark 5:19)

  • Format

Groups will cover the previous Sunday’s message in an open discussion, or go ‘walk-out’ the Message in the community together. (Neh. 8:1-8, Acts 17:10-12, Matt. 5:16)