By Nick Bank, Lead Pastor

When we are kids, it seems like Christmas morning will never come! The anticipation of the brightly wrapped presents under the tree, and the promise of what's waiting to be discovered inside, can be almost too much to bear! Since the creation of the world, mankind waited for God to send the promised gift of His Savior, and throughout the Old Testament passages of Scripture we catch the vintage glimpses of the Gift that inspired the hope and anticipation of so many for so long. This year, revisit the vintage passages of the Bible that inspired the believers of old to look with great excitement for the greatest of all God's gifts; Jesus, our Immanuel-God with us.

  1. Episode 1 // December 4, 2016 Pastor Nick Bank 35:23
  2. Episode 2 // December 11, 2016 Pastor Nick Bank 38:29
  3. Episode 3 // December 18, 2016 Pastor Nick Bank 47:53
  4. Episode 4 // December 24, 2016 Pastor Nick Bank 28:59
  5. Episode 5 // December 25, 2016 Pastor Nick Bank 32:21

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