By Nicholas Bank, Lead Pastor

We can all remember hoping to get that one certain 'something' on Christmas morning when we were kids. Just when we'd given up all hope that anyone remembered the Christmas request we had carefully scrawled with a festive red crayon; there hiding behind the last branch under the tree, was one last gift-- and sure enough--the very thing we had hoped for was soon peeking back at us through the freshly torn wrapping paper! 

In the same way, our Father in Heaven knew exactly what the we needed, and 2000 years ago sent it to us in a very unexpected package, tucked away from view to be discovered at just the right moment.

- Journey with us this Christmas, as we celebrate 'The Greatest Gift' of all; God's gift of Jesus to all who believe.

Note: Current series tracks are in reverse order for easier selection.

  1. Episode 5 // December 24, 2017 (EVENING) Pastor Nicholas Bank 28:55
  2. Episode 4 // December 24, 2017 (MORNING) Pastor Nicholas Bank 19:15
  3. Episode 3 // December 17, 2017 Pastor Nicholas Bank 40:26
  4. Episode 2 // December 10, 2017 Pastor Nicholas Bank 46:58
  5. Episode 1 // December 3, 2017 Pastor Nicholas Bank 40:38

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