Guest Speaker Playlist

We often have other speakers fill the pulpit, be they other pastors/elders/staff at PassageWay, visiting missionaries, etc..  Sometimes their messages aren't part of a regular sermon series and intended to stand alone.  We've cataloged them all for you here in one playlist.


  1. Living & Serving in Light of Eternity // 2 Corinthians 4&5 // January 7, 2018 Phil Green - Elder, PassageWay Church 36:11
  2. Of Lost Things // Luke 15 // December 31, 2017 Matt Foral- Missionary, The Navigators 35:48

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The sermon can also be downloaded directly to your device.  Simply put your mouse over the episode below, right click, and save.

 | Of Lost Things (Luke 15) - Matt Foral  |  Living & Serving in Light of Eternity (2 Corinthians 4&5) - Phil Green  |