Marriage in 3-D // Son Shine Ministries Marital Seminar

| August 10 (6-8p) & 11 (8:30a-12:30p), 2018 |
$50.00 per couple
Childcare available for children 10 years and under.


Marriage in 3-D is an extremely helpful and fun program that explores three critical dimensions of biblical marriage—Direction (coming to consensus), Distinctiveness (understanding and respecting our God-wired uniqueness), and Display (reflecting the relationship that is possible between Christ and people).


Relationship topics such as communication, forgiveness, and conflict resolution are paired with useful applications in an interactive format.

Dozens of real-life scenarios are explored in this program and connect helpfully with the couples attending. Marriage in 3-D is taught as a weekend intensive, which allows couples to go beyond a surface discussion into the heart of relational matters. For lasting success, an emphasis on healthy patterns is introduced and explained in the context of a marriage relationship.

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